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20 Mode Mod Kit for XBOX 360 Wireless Controller Drop Shot Quick Scope

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$1.99 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

THE ULTIMATE XBOX 360 MOD KIT !   Works on CG and CG2 boards - call for details.


SpitFireMods now has the all new 20 mode kit.  This is a pre-programmed mod chip kit that can be installed into your CG or CG2 controller. 

Call for details on installing into the Matrix or Matrix 2 boards - requires special code in chip.


Now you can get all the most popular modes in one easy to install kit!


1.  PIC 12f683 standard chipset - easy to install.

2.  20 of the most popular modes today.

3.  Kit includes a DIP socket so the chip can be upgraded easily in the future.

4.  TRUE ONE BUTTON MODES!  This means you pull the affected trigger only - no extra buttons to press like other mod kits on the market.

5.  Easy simple installation (one chip and a couple components) - stealth or non-stealth your choice.

6.  Includes all hardware needed, a torx T8 to open your controller, and installation schematics, videos, and written step by step directions (You choose what works best for you!)

7.  Kit supports step forward or step backward by simply holding the left trigger when changing modes to go backwards or just tapping sync without left trigger to go forward.

Items you will need are - a solder iron, solder, glue or hot glue gun (soldering skills are recommended but this is a lower level install - not especially tricky if you take your time)

We also sell installation tool kits for as low as $19.95.

This is a truely CUSTOM mod kit and the only one of its kind currently on the market.  No one else on Ebay has the same options or as many choices.


Before we start the mode list I want to explain one thing to you.  Other sellers sell a reprogrammable mode.  This is a little nuts because its a pain to reprogram from the buttons on the controller and there are only 5 known speed variations that all games today support.  So we are going to make this part easy.  We list our speeds as Levels 1 - 5.  For example MW3 supports 2-3 different speeds = this means our level 1-3 will work in MW3.  Or the older COD games support almost all of the speeds = this means you can use a level 5 in MW2. Therefore picking a level 1 and a level 2 will actually give you rapid fire that works in every known game today. 

The SpitFireMods truely custom mode list -


MODE1 :  Rapid Fire 8SPS- This is straight right trigger rapid fire with Level 1 - MW3.

MODE2 :  Rapid Fire 9SPS- This is straight right trigger rapid fire with Level 2 - COD5.

MODE3 :  Rapid Fire 10SPS- This is straight right trigger rapid fire with Level 3 - MOST FIRST PERSON SHOOTERS.

MODE4 :  Rapid Fire 12SPS- This is straight right trigger rapid fire with Level 5 - MW2 SUPER FAST MODE.

MODE5 :  Akimbo 8SPS- This is dual trigger shooting with only the right trigger pulled.  (Level 1 - 5 speed rating) 

MODE6 :  Akimbo 9SPS- This is dual trigger shooting with only the right trigger pulled.  (Level 1 - 5 speed rating)

MODE7 :  Akimbo 10SPS- This is dual trigger shooting with only the right trigger pulled.  (Level 1 - 5 speed rating)

MODE8 :  Akimbo 12SPS- This is dual trigger shooting with only the right trigger pulled.  (Level 1 - 5 speed rating)

MODE9 :  Drop Shot - This is normal drop and shoot.  No speed increase or other manipulation included.

MODE10 :  Drop Shot Rapid Fire 8sps - This is drop and shoot with a rapid fire increase in speed that will work on all known games. (This also works with automatics so if you pick this you will not need to waste a spot with normal Drop Shot)

MODE11 :  Tea Bag - This mode makes your player kneel and stand over and over making shooting him or even aiming at him from the enemy a challenge.

MODE12 :  Drop Shot, Reset - This is normal drop and shoot.  No speed increase or other manipulation included.

MODE13 :  HS10 Auto Akimbo - Another great dual trigger made easy.

MODE14 :  Auto Run - Run without the need to press the button.  Why walk when you can run?

MODE15 :  Sniper Double Shot - A SpitFireMods exclusive!  Why fire once when you could fire twice - yes I said twice and with a sniper weapon to boot!

MODE16 :  3 Round Burst - Need that extra ammunition?  If your like me a few extra rounds can go a long way.  This mode makes automatics shoot about three times per pull.

MODE17 :  Aim-Kneel - Sometimes its good to be a little bit of a smaller target.  Kneel each time you aim to make you a little less noticeable without having to push any other buttons.

MODE18 :  MW3 Quick Scope - Scope and fire with one press.  Its just easier that way!

MODE19 :  Zombies: M14 Aim Assist(Auto Aim) - Point anywhere near the zombie and its a hit every time on every zombie.  Drop them one after the other without even aiming!

MODE20 :  Zombies: LMG Aim Assist(Auto Aim) - Another great variation of the Zombies Auto Aim listed above.


With new modes added regularly your never without new and exciting things to do.  And remember, whether you are buying your kit today or next year, all the modes are available to you.
Visit youtube for all the videos on the great modes we have out today and more developing modes being worked on right now. Just look us up by searching SpitFireMods on youtube.  This is a brand new kit so videos may still be getting added now.
Questions and Answers:
Q - How can I change the modes in the future?
A - This kit includes the popular SpitFireMods socket technology!  You can change out the modes by swapping the chip in the future.
Q - Is this alot more complicated then other kits on the market?
A - Not only is this kit easy - using advanced programming techniques this kit uses an industry standard PIC12f683 microprocessor for functionality.  The tactile is optional if you want a separate button for mode changes instead of using the sync button.
Q - So, am I correct, you say that every time a new mode comes out it gets added to the mode list I choose from?
A - Yes - the mode list is updated whenever new modes are made available.


Important Questions and Answers:

Q - Will my account be banned if I use this online?

A - Using mods for competitive edges online seems to have become a common thing.  I am sure you have all seen guys using mods online.  What is important here is that we are not changing software, we are not violating any copywrites, we are simply improving a piece of hardware for your personal use.  This is currently not against the law and is almost so well accepted in the industry it is only a matter of time before the manufacturers start including features into the games just like the mods provide.
Q - What is the guarantee on the kit?  If I break it installing it or install it and it wont work will you send me another one?
A - We will replace the kit one time for a $9.95 handling fee.  This fee covers a new replacement and shipping back to you - this means you would need to send the defective kit to us and then we would send a new replacement unit back to you. 
Q - What can't this controller do?
A - Nothing!  This controller does anything we program a mode for it to do.  For example, if you come up with a key combination including either trigger and the B button we can make it happen for any game.
Please Note:  This kit is brand new to the market.  If you have any questions please call us first before buying.  I can guarantee all the above facts are true and have been tested to work.  If for any reason you find this kit to not perform exactly as advertised you are welcome to return it for a full refund at any time.  Once installed correctly this kit will never need to be replaced - it is forever replaceable with any mode list you can come up with.
SpitFireMods is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  Call us at 215.260.7702.  If you call after hours EST then please leave a name and number and time you are available for a call back.  The on-call technician will call you back shortly.  We are located just north of Philadelphia, PA.  All our mod kits, controllers, game consoles, repair equipment (including reflow and rework stations for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3 PS3 game console repair) are available for pickup by calling us directly.

Product Videos

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This is a great mode to add some confusion to the enemy when shooting. Your player will fire and drop in one pull of the trigger.
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